One-third of the new year has passed, so it is time to change to a new phone case and to make yourself happy! Kasy Case’s event of valentine’s Day is still continuing and approaching the end, there are only two weeks left!⏱️

The last blog has introduced the White Valentine’s Day of Mach 14, and if you want to respond to someone, then pick a beautiful present for him/her on that date!💕

At the same time, don’t forget to buy new clothes for the one that accompanies you all day long, wakes you up and makes you laugh, that is your cell phone!🤳

Countdown to the final two weeks of Kasy Case’s Valentine’s Day special sales! Apart from special promotions, don’t forget the last two lucky draws! Up to 25% of the discount! Open our website from February 28 to March 7 and from March 7 to Match 14, you will be able to participate in the lucky draw!🎁

At the same time, we have selected several beautiful iphone cases for you, which are both suitable for your own use or as gifts!🎁

Diamond Shining Jewel-like iPhone Case

The 3D water droplet design with dazzling laser light: Diamond Shining Jewel-like iPhone Case. The stylish 3D water ripples are matched with a laser backplate. In the sunlight, the water drops are lifelike. It goes with a complimentary acrylic decorative water drop chain. The unique design will be one of your unique fashion accessories.💎


Vaporwave Pink Mermaid iPhone Case

Kasy Case x Rich Black, fluorescent pink mermaid design: Vaporwave Fluorescent Pink Mermaid iPhone Case. The mermaid swimming in the pink ocean is girlish. The unique design will be one of your unique fashion accessories.🧜‍♀️


Vaporwave Pink Wild Sweetheart iPhone Case

Kasy Case x Rich Black, wild fluorescent pink design: Vaporwave Fluorescent Pink Wild Sweetheart iPhone Case. Wild motorcycle with a lovely pink. The unique design will be one of your unique fashion accessories.🏍️


Laser Pearlescent Angel iPhone Case

Imitated shell texture of optical variation: Laser Pearlescent Angel iPhone Case. The little angel pattern is lifelike with the beautiful colors refracted by light; the mobile phone ring of an air cushion is attached for free. The unique design will be one of your unique fashion accessories.👼


I hope that everyone can find his/her own romance. If not yet, don’t give up and Kasy Case will always be with you! There are various kinds of phone cases for your choice, you can select at your own will if interested. And I believe that there must be your preference.

February 26, 2021 — KasyCase