Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Day together with Kasy Case!

It’s February imbued with love again. As Valentine’s Day is approaching, have you gotten prepared with gifts? Did you know that in addition to Valentine’s Day on February 14, there is the White Valentine’s Day on March 14?💕

In Japan, if a person receives a gift for Valentine’s Day from another person of the opposite sex expressing love on February 14, and likewise has the good feelings or affection for the other person, the person will send Valentine’s gift in return on March 14, indicating that they have been in mutual understanding and attraction from this year on.

From February 7th to March 14th on Kasy Case, we have a big Valentine's Day sale, so many beautiful phone cases to choose from, check out the products in the Valentine's Day Sale Categories. There will also be a lottery event every 7 days for up to a discount of 25% off!

Meanwhile, we have helped you choose several beautiful iPhone cases. They are premium choices either for yourself or as a gift.🎁


Exotic Pure Flower iPhone Case from Floral iPhone Cases series:

Exotic Pure Flower iPhone Case with Small dense floral pattern.

Beautiful and generous, it is suffused with girly feelings.🌺




Deep Sea Mother of Pearl Abalone Shell iPhone Case from Pearlescent & Laser iPhone Cases series:

Deep Sea Mother of Pearl Abalone Shell iPhone Case with a highly textured real shell interlayer.

With the dazzling color changes in the light and the mysterious black, whether you are a boy or a girl, you will fall in love with this phone case.🐚



Laser CD Music Factory Labels iPhone Case from Pearlescent & Laser iPhone Cases series:

Laser CD Music Factory Labels iPhone Case with optical changes of the laser coating.

Featuring dazzling and awesome color changes and retro CD patterns, it is a dazzling and awesome gift for boys.💿


We hope everyone can celebrate a romantic Valentine’s Day and get an exclusive love of your own during this holiday. Kasy Case offers a wide variety of choices in phone cases. You can take your time to choose from our website. I am sure there is a style to your taste.💎

February 07, 2021 — KasyCase