Most types of mobile phone cases are made from silica gel or TPU, among which most transparent ones are made from TPU. It is quite popular due to its transparent feature. What’s more, TPU material can be used to produce high-class phone cases. Compared with silica gel, TPU can produce more variable changeable patterns, since silica-gel-made phone cases can not be as transparent as TPU ones.

What is TPU? Is it toxic?🙋

 TPU refers to Thermoplastic Urethane, a common kind of building material. It owns strong tension and pulling force and it is a kind of mature and environmentally friendly material that is identified as international green and environmentally friendly material.♻️


Features of TPU:

  1. Highly wearable
  2. Variable hardness: it can produce products of different hardness, and with the increase of hardness, its products still maintain good elasticity.
  3. TPU products have the outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.
  4. Good processing performance: TPU processedproducts havefewer defects.
  5. Excellent cold resistance: good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties are maintained at minus 35 degrees Celsius.
  6. Resistance to oil, water and mold.
  7. Renewable and useful

 However, there is a disadvantage that it is easy to become yellow, so the yellowing of the TPU iPhone case is not due to the adhesion of dirty things, but the change of the material itself. 🛎️But the TPU material used by Kasy Case is highly resistant to yellowing and oxidation.💪

To sum up, compared with most of the materials on the market, the TPU iPhone case is more environmentally friendly. It is not only excellent in its envelopment, but also protective, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant and antibacterial. Kasy Case has a wide selection of TPU-made iPhone cases to choose from. Go and pick one!🎁

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March 12, 2021 — KasyCase