About us

Our Story

Kasy Case was founded on December 2, 2020, by a group of young designers and illustrators, with a simple but beautiful wish: to make our own products, and at the same time provide a platform for designers with the same ideas.


Anna Li has always liked drawing and making handicrafts. She made a lot of friends with common hobbies during college and posted many cute accessories made by herself on social media, which were quite popular among girls. So after graduation, she decided to start her first company and this website, Kasy Case, with her friends.

What we do

We make novel and stylish, yet protective products, mainly unique and cute phone cases. We aim to make Kasy Case the representative of high artisanship.


Stay Exquisite

I protect you.

Choose Kasy Case, no more boring phone cases, no more shattered glass screens.


Kasy Case has already brought some collections of creative phone accessories: iPhone cases, Airpods cases, phone rings, screen protectors.

Our little group of designers, along with other design & art studios that we collaborate with, is making effort on innovative projects like pearlescent cases made of real abalone shell, relief exotic iPhone cases, laser lizard texture iPhone covers, liquid quicksand glitter cell phone cases, neon fluorescent translucent phone covers, twinkle jewel-like Airpods cases and phone rings, anti-spy privacy screen protectors...


Be ready to be surprised by Kasy Case!

We wish...

Kasy Case's products are sold all over the world. We hope that every mobile phone, every girl, every person can get their favorite mobile phone accessories, which protect the device and at the same time can be a fashion accessory.


This is a team of designers, a company of young people, we respect and encourage everyone's ability and creativity. We do not follow others, but we do the impossible. We each have our own aesthetic values but we respect all different values.


We hope all the friends and customers are happy and can realize their dreams someday :)


Contact us

For Customers: info@kasycase.com

For Enterprise: contact@kasycase.com